My Battle with Long Covid

Read about my personal struggle with long covid symptoms including lung congestion, fatigue, and brain fog. Discover how I found relief through a natural supplement protocol.


7/21/20231 min read

a man sleeping in a bed with a blanket
a man sleeping in a bed with a blanket

The onset of my long Covid journey began subtly in 2021, while I was residing in Orange County, California, and working in retail. The initial symptoms were mild, a faint congestion in my lungs that didn't quite escalate to a full-blown respiratory distress. However, it was a slow and insidious onset that gradually intensified over the subsequent weeks.

As time progressed, the lingering symptoms amplified, leaving me drained and struggling to navigate through each workday. The toll on my health was so severe that I had to resign from my job. My vitality and overall quality of life took a nosedive.

With no respite in sight, I made the tough decision to leave my roommates in Orange County and relocate to my parents' home in San Francisco. I was hopeful that this change would bring some relief, but my health continued to decline.

In my desperation for answers, I embarked on a journey of research and experimentation with various natural herbs and treatments. I tried everything from Reishi, turmeric, ginger, NAC, vitamin D, zinc, bromelain, quercetin, to even marijuana, CBD oil, and Turkey Tail mushrooms, Propolis, you name it, I've probably tried it. Yet, nothing seemed to alleviate my symptoms.

The months turned into a seemingly endless cycle of trying new supplements and lifestyle modifications, all to no avail. My long Covid symptoms only worsened, leaving me bedridden and barely able to function.

The battle with long Covid was a test of my resilience and determination. It was a journey filled with trials and tribulations, but it also taught me the importance of perseverance. For anyone still grappling with long Covid symptoms, don't lose hope. Keep searching, keep trying, and remember that recovery is possible. My story stands as a testament to this.