My Personal Long Covid Symptom Journey: The Struggle Was Real

Unveiling my personal battle with long Covid: a journey marked by fatigue, lung congestion, and the relentless search for relief.


7/21/20232 min read

a man in a blue shirt is laying in bed
a man in a blue shirt is laying in bed

When I first contracted COVID-19, I never could have imagined the long-term symptoms that would follow and utterly derail my life. While every long hauler's battle with post-viral issues manifests differently, I want to share my own frustrating and bizarre symptom experience.

It started with an annoying feeling of congestion and inflammation isolated only in my right lung. I'd hear crackling sounds coming just from that side when taking deep breaths. Meanwhile, my left lung sounded totally normal and clear. This asymmetric lung discomfort continued for months.

Along with the lung anomaly, an overall feeling of exhaustion and depletion persisted no matter how much rest and recovery time I gave myself. Simple everyday activities like grocery shopping would wipe me out for days after, requiring extensive rest. I could barely walk through a store without getting completely drained and sick.

This went on for weeks before I also started noticing unusual gastrointestinal problems. Nausea and stomach upset came and went without clear cause. I dealt with bouts of excessive flatulence and gas that were debilitating. Friends could hear my loud stomach from across the room.

Certain random COVID symptoms almost felt like I had HIV or another immune deficiency. I'd break out with acne all over my face and body - not just normal stress pimples but inflamed cystic acne. Strange skin rashes also appeared on my hands and legs.

My sleep quality tanked, yet I could barely make it through a full day even after sleeping 10+ hours. The fatigue and brain fog were so extreme, I struggled to hold a conversation or recall basic words. My mind felt totally depleted despite resting endlessly.

When I described my symptoms to doctors and long hauler groups, nobody could relate fully or determine clear solutions. I felt like a guinea pig just trying dozens of suggested supplements blindly without success.

This bizarre array of lingering COVID symptoms - from lung irregularities to nausea to skin issues to crushing fatigue - continued for over two miserable years. Some periods the symptoms would improve slightly, giving me hope, only to worsen again soon after.

The mental and emotional toll of dealing with these unpredictable fluctuations for weeks and months on end nearly broke me. I was bedridden and could hardly take care of basic self-care tasks. Each day was a struggle.

If anything, I hope my story highlights how wildly variable and personal long Covid symptom manifestations can be. While my particular mix of issues may seem unique, I know many fellow long haulers are enduring their own frustrating and debilitating symptoms too.

There were periods I thought I might never get back to "normal". But eventually, almost by accident, I discovered a simple supplement protocol that finally moved the needle for me.

I still deal with some residual effects and flare ups from my long Covid battle. However, an affordable supplement regimen restored much of my former vibrancy that I feared was gone forever. Don't abandon hope - keep trying new things until you find what works for you.