My Pre-Long Covid Lifestyle: A Reflection

Explore my pre-long Covid lifestyle, from daily habits to health choices. Discover how my experiences may resonate with yours and offer hope.


7/21/20232 min read

a man with a beard and a beard, sitting in a gym
a man with a beard and a beard, sitting in a gym

My Pre-Long Covid Lifestyle: A Reflection

Before the onset of long Covid, my lifestyle was probably similar to many of yours. I was living life, enjoying the simple pleasures, and making choices that I thought were best for me at the time. Looking back, I realize that some of these habits may have influenced my health and well-being, and I want to share them with you in the hopes that my experiences might resonate and provide some insights.

Like many people, I experimented with marijuana in my teenage years, starting at the age of 17. Over the next 12 years, my usage was on and off, and by the time Covid hit, I was only smoking once a month. It was a significant reduction compared to my earlier years.

In 2019 and 2020, I dabbled in vaping, using nicotine-based vapes for about a year. It was a phase, and I eventually decided to quit. Around the same time, I also made the decision to stop drinking alcohol, save for the occasional glass of wine during holiday celebrations. It was a personal choice, and one that I felt was best for my health.

Exercise was a regular part of my routine before Covid. I worked out moderately, hitting the gym three times a week for weight training and taking daily hour-long walks around the park. It was a balance of strength training and cardio that kept me active and fit.

When it came to food, I enjoyed a variety of cuisines. Burgers, fried chicken, ethnic Asian food, and my daily Starbucks triple espresso with a breakfast sandwich were all part of my regular diet. I loved food and enjoyed trying different dishes.

In terms of health care, I leaned more towards natural supplements over prescribed medicines. I believed in the power of nature and preferred to avoid synthetic drugs, knowing the potential long-term effects they could have on the body. However, I did make exceptions for antibiotics when I was seriously ill. But living in California you are quite literally forced to pay for healthcare costs every month so I had no choice but to pay.

Looking back, I see a man who was trying to balance enjoyment of life with maintaining his health. I share this with you not only as a reflection of my past but also as a way to connect with those of you who may have similar lifestyles. If you see yourself in my story, my experiences with long Covid and the solutions I found might be relevant and helpful to you. I share these in the PDF guide available on this website, hoping that my journey can provide some guidance and hope for others.