My Strange Long Covid Symptoms: A Personal Account

Dive into my personal account of strange long Covid symptoms. Understand the complexities of this condition and my journey towards recovery.


7/24/20231 min read

a man with long covid sitting on a bed with a cell phone
a man with long covid sitting on a bed with a cell phone

When I first got COVID-19, I never imagined the bizarre lingering symptoms it would leave me with. I'd heard of common long COVID issues like fatigue, brain fog, and headaches. But what I've experienced goes beyond those textbook symptoms. As someone living with long COVID, I want to share my story to help others feel less alone.

It started with weird myoclonus jerks - sudden, involuntary muscle twitches and spasms. I'll never forget the first time my stomach muscles started contracting violently, painfully, seemingly on their own. My legs also make odd jerking motions out of nowhere. While unnerving, I've learned these muscle misfirings are a documented part of long COVID.

Along with the jerks came strange numbness and tingling. I often feel odd tingles emanating from deep inside my chest around the lungs. It's almost like my lung nerves are misfiring. Tingles and pops around my shoulder blades and ribs are common too. My doctors have run all kinds of tests, but can't find anything structurally wrong. Nerve dysfunction appears to be the culprit.

Adding to the bizarre mix are weird stomach gurgles, noises, and discomfort. My digestive system has been off since COVID. The doctors aren't sure if it's direct viral damage or just the stress of illness. Either way, growling and rumbling stomachs have become a frequent annoyance.

During the initial COVID infection, I developed alarming open sores on my tongue. Thankfully those healed, but I'll never forget how mystified my dentist was when I showed him the odd ulcers. COVID wreaks havoc in unexpected ways.

While many dismiss long COVID as imaginary or exaggerated, I know what I'm living is real. My lingering symptoms may be strange, but they have drastically impacted my health and life. I'm sharing my story to validate others who may be experiencing similarly bizarre symptoms post-COVID. You are not alone. Listen to your body - you know it better than anyone. And keep searching for solutions. We will get through this.