My Top 3 Supplements That I Take Every Week for Long Covid

Discover my top 3 supplements for managing Long Covid symptoms. Boost your immunity, energy, and cognitive function naturally.


7/22/20231 min read

a man sleeping in a bed with a blanket
a man sleeping in a bed with a blanket

Since developing long Covid, finding the right supplements to address lingering symptoms has been life-changing. After extensive trial and error, I’ve landed on three core supplements that I take weekly to manage key long Covid health impacts.

The first is Nattokinase by Double Wood Supplements. One of long Covid’s hallmark issues is microclotting or tiny blood clots that impair circulation. Research shows the Nattokinase enzyme helps break down blood clots and improves circulation. For me, it has relieved chest heaviness and shortness of breath caused by long Covid microclots. I take 2000 FU daily.

Next is Zinc Picolinate by Thorne Research. Long Covid has been tied to reduced zinc levels which negatively affects immunity. Zinc is needed for proper immune cell function. Restoring my zinc levels with a highly absorbable form of this essential mineral has helped strengthen my immune function after long Covid depleted my reserves. I take 30mg daily.

Lastly, I take a high-quality B Complex supplement by Thorne as well. B vitamins play essential roles in energy production and nerve health, both of which are impaired in long Covid. Getting adequate B vitamins has dramatically improved my energy and reduced brain fog.

While not overnight fixes, adding Nattokinase for microclotting, Zinc Picolinate for immunity, and B Complex for energy and cognition have provided crucial daily support combating long Covid’s ongoing health impacts. I hope my regimen provides ideas for other long haulers too.