Why Coffee May Be Detrimental for Long Covid Sufferers

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7/22/20232 min read

a man in a green jacket with long covid enjoying coffee on his bed
a man in a green jacket with long covid enjoying coffee on his bed

As a 7-year avid Starbucks customer who relied on my daily double shot espresso drinks pre-pandemic, coffee was a staple part of my routine. That morning caffeinated jolt gave me the energy to power through busy workdays. My loyalty to coffee never wavered - until I developed long Covid symptoms.

In late 2020, after testing positive for COVID-19, I began experiencing debilitating fatigue, brain fog, and gastrointestinal issues that persisted for months post-infection no matter what I tried. I was officially a long hauler.

During this frustrating time, I noticed my usual morning coffee ritual now left me feeling wired yet utterly exhausted at the same time. The acidity of black coffee also seemed to irritate my gut issues.

This led me to research whether coffee could be exacerbating some of my lingering long Covid symptoms. What I discovered made me rethink my daily latte habit.

The high acidity of coffee was the first concern. With gastroesophageal acid reflux (GERD) and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) impacting many long haulers with digestive complaints, coffee's acidity can further inflame the gut lining. My own stomach woes worsened after my usual espresso drinks.

Coffee is also a gut irritant for those prone to loose stools or diarrhea - another common long Covid symptom. Coffee stimulates gastric mobility, sending food through the intestines rapidly. For already sensitive bowels, this can have unpleasant consequences.

Additionally, the stimulating effects of coffee's caffeine on the nervous system may overwhelm an already taxed long hauler. Coffee elevates cortisol, the stress hormone long haulers need to keep under control.

The irony my fellow long haulers and I encountered was that our dragging energy levels actually demanded we cut out coffee - our go-to morning pick-me-up. The caffeinated high coffee provided soon crashed into fatigue again.

As a lover of coffee, removing my daily espresso habit took discipline and time to overcome the withdrawal headaches. But once I did, I saw real improvement in my energy regulation and gut issues. The acidity and gut irritation stopped exacerbating my symptoms.

While not universally true for all long Covid sufferers, coffee and other caffeinated, acidic drinks may worsen certain lingering issues like gut inflammation, loose stools, and disordered energy levels. If you find coffee drinkers worse, it may be worth reducing intake or trying lower-acidic alternatives like cold brew. Pay attention to how your unique body responds.

As a lifelong coffee lover, I was disheartened to have to cut out my daily espresso habit due to long Covid symptoms. I know many fellow long haulers battle the same tough choice of forfeiting their cherished caffeine ritual to avoid acid reflux, gut issues and energy crashes.

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